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Not before time, Veterans UK finally undergoes a digital transformation. The Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown of the UK caused Veterans UK, which administers military pensions and the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS), to close its doors to all new War Pension and AFCS claims as well as the reconsideration and appeal of ongoing claims.  We wrote about this in our April 1st blog ‘Veterans UK is closed for business’ They have since announced a new 7-year roll out of a £300million digital transformation of their services which will create an ‘enhanced Veterans Portal and modern channels of access including new digital and interactive platforms such as online claiming’. Outdated paper-only systems will be replaced with digital user access, similar to which I suggested should be used in my earlier blog, which will enable their staff to ‘deliver pensions and compensation services in a more accessible, digitally enhanced way’ Head of Veterans UK Andy Dowds: ‘We have a brilliant opportunity to truly move our Veterans services into the digital age, providing easy access for customers and staff alike.  We are starting from a low technological base and will move quickly through to a fully digital service. Our plans will take several years to deliver but we are starting work straight away.’ I applaud Andy and his team at Veterans UK.  This is fantastic news for our brave servicemen and women, veterans, charities, the courts and legal sector.  For far too long, applicants have been faced with lengthy delays in the claims process, and a lack of certainty in the way their application is being dealt with.  I sincerely hope that these long called for improvements will create a far more secure, faster and less onerous means of sharing information, and that it will forge a new system of trust and cooperation between parties who, after all, should have only one aim in all of this and that is to ensure our brave troops and veterans are treated fairly. hampshire military alma Law The announcement by Veterans UK can be found here:  ‘New £300-million contract paves the way for Veterans UK digital transformation’ Grant Evatt MD and Founder of Alma Law Grant served for 10 years with 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery as an Arctic and Jungle Warfare specialist; military skiing instructor; artillery surveyor; parachutist; combat driver; combat medic; diver and Platoon Weapons Instructor. He is an authority in military claims.   

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