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At the weekend I made a long overdue return to the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines where, over 33 years ago, I passed the All Arms Commando Course and was awarded my coveted Green Beret.         It was the annual Families Weekend at Lympstone and having recently joined the Royal Marines Association I was keen as mustard to attend and take the opportunity to see once again, with older eyes, the famed Tarzan Assault Course, the Ropes, bottom field and of course, the mud.  It was a nostalgic return which brought back many tough, but happy memories of attacking those obstacles with abandon as a young man. I was interested to see the newer safety netting and padding underneath and around parts of the course.  “It wasn’t there back in the day” was one of the more well-mannered remarks from one of my oppos’ over on Facebook but for me, it makes good sense.  A momentary lapse in concentration or a muddy slip, resulting in injury and probable RTU (Return to Unit) was always the harshest way to end a dream. I had a quite fantastic day and was struck by the quality of the Royal Marines who, to a man, exceeded all my expectations of what it means to be a Commando in 2018. Alma Law are proud supporters of our Armed Forces - "Per Mare, Per Terram"    

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