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An accident at work can have a profound effect upon you, your family and those around you.

The regulations around accidents at work are complex and fraught with obstacles. No two cases are ever the same and for many, pursuing a personal injury claim against your employer because you have been injured in an accident at work is a moral dilemma. Many will think twice before suing their boss, especially if they have been so well cared for. But each year, tens of thousands of people do bring personal injury claim after an accident at work, and when they win their case, their lives and those around them are immensely better for it. 

Think of this scenario. In 2018, Boris suffers a very serious injury to his leg in an accident at work, which resulted in him undergoing three difficult operations over a 2-year period, requiring around six months off work in all. Throughout all of this the employer is extremely supportive. They paid his salary in full and when he was able to return to work, they ensured he did so gradually. Then, its March 2020 and the Covid pandemic.

Stay at Home, Support the NHS, Save Lives

The vast majority did as they were asked. Our roads and transport network ground to a halt. Businesses across the UK shut down in droves and hundreds of thousands of honest hard-working people were furloughed, for months on end. This is precisely what happens to Boris. However, several months into being furloughed, twiddling his fingers at home, Boris is told that his company has been hit hard by Covid and that they will have to let him, and several others go. He receives a modest redundancy package and suddenly 15 years of loyal service are over. Boris is in his 40’s. His loving wife has also been furloughed. They have a mortgage. Two teenage children.

Boris is disabled and now unemployed. 

He has a choice. Do nothing, claim benefits, wait for his 4th operation, which has been delayed because of Covid, and hope that someone will give him a job, any job.

Or he takes the plunge, and he calls Alma Law. We are able to have several virtual meetings with him to investigate the how, when and the where of his accident and subsequently, after a few months of correspondence with the insurers of Boris’s former employer, a liability agreement is reached between the parties. We are able to prove that Boris will benefit from further surgery and intense rehabilitation and so they also pay for Boris to go privately for his treatment, rather than on the cash strapped and overwhelmed NHS. In the fullness of time, his case will settle, and he will receive a significant award of damages which will, as much as possible, put him back into the position he would have been had the accident not occurred. 

Alma Law are experienced in several types of accidents at work including:

  • Falls from height
  • Trench collapses
  • Plant and equipment disasters
  • Farming accidents
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Accidents at sea
  • Dockside accidents
  • Poisonings and toxic inhalations
  • Skin diseases
  • Upper limb disorders
  • Factory accidents
  • Traumatic amputations
  • Brain and spinal cord injuries
  • Deaths

Please contact us for a free, no obligation chat about your accident at work. Call Alma Law today on 01264 355477 and speak to us about your case.


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Grant previously served in the UK Armed Forces which puts him in an ideal position to understand military injuries and also to understand how the MOD medical services work. He is incisive and impartial, calls a spade a spade and always puts his clients first, dealing with them in a compassionate manner which I seldom see in an instructing solicitor.

By Medical Expert

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