Personal Injury Specialists

Each of us through our lifetimes will suffer an injury, or will know someone who has suffered an injury. Accidents and injury are commonplace and in many ways, part and parcel of life.

In a personal injury claim, the burden is on you, the Claimant, to prove that you have suffered your injuries because of the breach of a duty of care, or negligence, owed to you by another, who we call the Defendant. The most common causes of personal injury in the UK are road traffic and workplace accidents. It can be relatively straightforward to apportion blame in the more obvious of scenarios and many successful personal injury claims are resolved without the need for expensive court proceedings or, they settle out of court after proceedings have commenced.

However, a more complex personal injury claim involving arguments about who is to blame and, serious life-changing injuries, are less straightforward, far more expensive and can take longer to resolve.

A complex personal injury claim requires strong technical skills which will only be found within a specialist law firm; such as Alma Law.


You must be confident that the person you have instructed is a specialist; someone who has achieved the very highest of standards as a Personal Injury lawyer.   Accreditation is a mark of quality and specialism and sets them apart from others.

The solicitor behind Alma Law, Grant Evatt, has long been professionally accredited by the Law Society of England and Wales as a Personal Injury specialist.  Grant served for a term of 3 years on the Board and Executive Committee of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and for 6 years he was the Coordinator of their Military Special Interest Group.

Alma Law are specialists.