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Huge growth in cycle ownership has seen millions of us enjoy the health benefits of fresh air and regular exercise, but it has also meant an increase in the number of novice cyclists risking serious injury, and death, in a cycling accident.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents[1] reports that in 2019 (Pre-Covid), 16,844 cyclists were injured in reported road accidents of which 4,433 were killed or seriously injured.  75% of accidents occur at, or near, a road junction.  Almost 50% suffer head injuries. It will be interesting to see the statistics for 2020, when our roads were far quieter owing to the pandemic. There are a number of ways to reduce the risk of being involved in a cycling accident:

  • Keep a proper lookout

You should be constantly assessing potential danger, that way you have a greater chance of being able to react to hazards before they become an accident. Road junctions are particularly dangerous so take extra care.

  • Be seen – Be safe

The most common defence by car and lorry drivers is “I didn’t see her”.  By enhancing your own presence in the road, you will significantly increase the chances of being seen.  Brightly coloured lycra may not be your thing but you can just as easily wear inexpensive reflective material and also, put your lights on in daylight.  More people are killed and seriously injured during the day than at night.

  • Be predictable

Cycle in a way that other road users can predict your behaviour.  This will reduce your chances of being hit by a motorist. If you break the law by running a red light, or weave between traffic and fail to signal, you can be found to be contributory negligent for your accident and injuries and it can significantly reduce any compensation. You could even lose your case.

  • Can I claim personal injury damages?

Claiming and receiving compensation for your injuries is not a lottery win.  It is your right to claim compensation to try to put you back together again and we provide first class specialist legal advice and support all along the way.

  • What will it cost me?

Many law firms will offer you a no-win-no fee agreement for your cycling accident claim, but they will also routinely charge you a hefty success fee at the end of your case, regardless of the prospects, which can amount to £’000s taken off your compensation.  In every case we carry out an initial fact-finding consultation involving a careful risk assessment of the prospects of success in your case.  If we are satisfied that the prospects are good, then in the absence of any reasonable alternative method of funding your case, we will offer you a no-win-no fee agreement with a modest success fee. It is rare for us to ask a seriously injured client to make a large contribution toward their legal fees. Reach out to us if you have any questions. 01264 355477 contact@almalaw.co.uk Our mission is you. [1] Cycling Accidents Factsheet July 2017 (rospa.com)

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