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Dean suffered a serious injury to his left, dominant arm. At the time of his accident, he was 50 years old, and working as a Senior Field Service Engineer. The accident occurred when he was cutting a pipe with a grinding tool.

Today is the United Nations World Day for Safety and Health at Work, an annual campaign that aims to promote safe and healthy work.

In this case study, we share a client story from Dean.

Dean was injured in an accident at work in August 2018 and we recently settled his claim for a substantial six-figures, plus his costs.

Accident at Work

Dean suffered a serious injury to his left, dominant arm. At the time of his accident, he was 50 years old, and working as a Senior Field Service Engineer. The accident occurred when he was cutting a pipe with a grinding tool.

Dean underwent extensive emergency surgery to save his wrist and has since had two more surgeries and was waiting for a third.

The most significant injury caused by the blade of the grinder was a 60% division of the median nerve, which provides sensation to the thumb, index finger and half of the ring finger, as well as motor function to some of the muscles in the hand. He also suffered a laceration which divided two wrist tendons, and one of the tendons to the thumb. There was also a partial injury to the radial artery.

The Impact of the Accident

Surgery resulted in a satisfactory outcome from the repair to the tendons and radial artery, however Dean developed a neuroma of the median nerve and he lives with neuropathic pain. He has reduced sensation and grip in his left, dominant hand. Both manual and domestic tasks were now difficult, and he was unable to return to his position as a Senior Field Service Engineer.

His employer, the Defendant, treated Dean admirably. After he had recovered sufficiently from the first operation, he returned to office work in a different position, where he was providing training for others as an area manager.


Unfortunately, and like many people in 2020, his job was no longer viable during the Covid-19 pandemic and Dean was placed on furlough. Dean and his family were unable to get by on a reduced basic salary, and he accepted redundancy in May 2020. Experiencing unemployment for this first time in his adult life, Dean began to suffer with from depression and a feeling of worthlessness.

Personal Injury Claim with Alma Law

Dean contacted Alma Law in June 2020 after being recommended by a work colleague who knew Grant Evatt from their Army days.

Dean credits Grant for bringing him out of his depression, by taking a hands-on, positive approach from day one. Grant immediately put Dean at ease and took steps to gather the relevant accident and works records from the Defendant.

We were placed under some pressure by the Defendant when they made a pre-action offer to settle Dean’s case without any admission, or denial, of liability. Meanwhile, we had already obtained expert medical evidence from a specialist in hand and arm injuries and, in less than one year, and without having to start Court proceedings, we negotiated a significant full and final of his claim with the Defendant’s very cooperative legal representatives.

The Future for Dean

Dean is delighted that his case settled quickly, and out of court and is now in a much better situation. The settlement has taken the stress and pressure away, and once he has recovered from his final operation, he plans to use the money to study on a project management course, which will enable him to find a new job.

Grant has also put Dean in touch with a Personal Injury Trusts company, who will help manage his funds.


“Grant put me at ease from day one and is more than just a solicitor. He regularly rings me to check in and see how I am, going above and beyond his role. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can now move forward with my life following the accident.

My advice to anyone making a personal injury claim, is to use Alma Law. My experience has been so positive, the effort and way things are done is superb. I know that other people have had cases drag on, but mine was dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Thank you for doing such a fantastic job, I will definitely be recommending you to other people.”

Grant his solicitor:

This was at first sight a very serious injury and it was only through the quick reactions of Dean, his work colleagues and by the skill and dedication of the NHS doctors and nurses that his injury was repaired, albeit, Dean has been left with significant scarring, pain, and discomfort to this day. It can sometimes be difficult to confidently pursue a personal injury claim when the accident occurred, as in the case, almost 2-years beforehand. Whilst ultimately, we had to make a court application in order to obtain the accident and works records from the Defendant, once we had done so it soon became clear to the parties that whilst liability for the accident itself was not straightforward, an early solution made good sense for all concerned.      

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