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In this case study, X has asked to share her story so far so that other service and reserve personnel may be aware of the options that are open to them. Sadly, in many cases, the MOD’s claims handlers fail to respond to a claim when first presented.

After Alma pressed the point and issued proceedings in the case, a liability agreement was reached. High Court judgment was entered against the MOD in X’s favour this Spring. The court proceedings have since been placed on hold until the end of this year to enable the parties to gather expert evidence with a view to attempting to settle the case out of court in due course. 

These are X’s own words.

My Accident

At the time of my accident, I was a Junior NCO in the Army Reserves. My accident occurred during adventurous training on a novice rock climbing course in Bavaria, Germany. On the third day of the course, another climber fell from the rock face above and landed on my head.  I suffered serious injuries.

I needed surgery to stabilise the fractures in my neck but miraculously, avoided a paralysing injury to the spinal cord.  I subsequently underwent periods of intensive residential rehabilitation at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) at Stanford Hall.  Sadly, the cumulative effect of my injuries resulted in my being medically discharged from the Reserves in April 2020.

The last thing I needed was for MOD to put my livelihood at risk.  But they did. 

I contacted Alma Law after being recommended by a friend who knew Grant Evatt from their Army days together in 29 Commando.

Initially, I was unsure about even bringing a military claim, but was supported by friends and family, who wanted me to seek justice for the way my civilian and reservist life had been impacted by the accident and injuries.  At the time of the accident, I was a structural engineer in Hampshire.

Grant immediately put me at ease.  He was compassionate, and I felt he truly understood the Army, the reasons why the accident occurred and that he was the right person for the job. His military service and authoritative military claims experience gave me the confidence to proceed with a claim.  He engaged a Barrister who was ex-forces and also understood all of the background, my passion for serving and the loss it has meant to me. 

I hope that once the expert evidence is complete and a firm prognosis agreed by the medical experts, that the lawyers will be able to sit down and discuss terms of settlement.  The settlement monies will hopefully enable me to afford to live a full life after injury and have the best possible outcome.

I can't thank Grant enough for making the whole process uncomplicated and stress free for me.  He is a fantastic solicitor and is passionate about what he does; throughout the process I have felt he really cares and has worked tirelessly to get the best result for me.  He has always been there to reassure me and to clarify any points I may have had, and he has remained completely professional.

I can't recommend him highly enough and I'm so glad I chose him to represent me.  I will update this when the case concludes.

Grant – Military Claims Solicitor

It is a privilege to act for X, who has overcome tremendous adversity these last 3 years, not least because of the added disruption of the Covid pandemic restrictions. Whilst it ultimately became necessary to start High Court proceedings earlier this year in order to force a decision from the MOD, the outcome of doing so has been favourable. The MOD has also made an interim payment of damages. Provided the parties continue to collaborate, it is hoped that a negotiated settlement will be achieved in the fullness of time.

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