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As part of its programme to measure the impact of the Armed Forces Covenant, the Ministry of Defence has published its most up to date Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey . These statistics will of be interest to those working in the legal and charitable sectors.   Armed forces covenant Alma Law The survey was distributed to 27,265 regular armed forces personal and 10,433 responses were received (38%). A few of the headlines:
  • Satisfaction with service life remains unchanged at 45%
  • Royal Marines are less satisfied with the opportunities for professional development than the other Services
  • Army personnel are the most satisfied with the opportunities to gain civilian accreditation for their Service training; Royal Marines are the least satisfied
  • Six in ten (61%) personnel plan to stay in the Services, an increase of two percentage points since 2019
  • Impact of Service life on family/personal life remains the top factor influencing intentions to leave
  • Less than half (45%) of personnel agree that they are able to maintain a balance between their personal and working life
  • Half (49%) of personnel feel disadvantaged about family life compared to the general public; just over one in ten (12%) feel advantaged
  • A third (33%) of personnel are satisfied with the opportunity to work flexibly in 2020
  • ‘Workload’ continues to be the main reason for personnel not using all their leave
  • More than seven in ten (73%) personnel agree that they are treated fairly at work
  • The majority of personnel who have been subject to bullying, discrimination or harassment do not make a complaint (90%) The main reasons why personnel do not make a formal written complaint are: not believing anything would be done if a complaint was made (60%) and belief that it might adversely affect their career (52%)
  • 90% of Officers and 65% of Other Ranks are aware to some extent how the Service Complaints Ombudsman can help them with a bullying, discrimination and/or harassment complaint
  • Over half of personnel are satisfied with the welfare support provided to them, whilst less than half are satisfied with welfare support provided to their family
  • Over half (52%) of personnel now own their own home following an increase in home ownership amongst 'Other Ranks' since 2019, up from 43% to 46%
  • The most common reason why personnel do not own their own home continues to be that they cannot afford to buy a suitable home at the moment, at 63% (Affordability was the top reason across all Services)
Click here for a link to the Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey Grant Evatt Grant is a former British Army Para-Commando.  He has specialised in military personal injury claims for two decades and he is an authority in this complex area.

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