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The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has released its annual fatal accident at work figures for 2018/19. 147 workers were killed, almost 3 per week. hampshire fatal alma Law 95% (139) were male workers. 32 were killed in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector and there were 30 in the construction sector. The report, a link to which is here, found that agriculture, forestry and fishing, together with waste and recycling were the worst affected sectors. The report demonstrates which are the most common causes of fatal injuries:
  • Falls from height (40)
  • Being struck by a moving vehicle (30); and
  • Being struck by a moving object (16)
Workers aged 60 or over accounted for 25% of deaths in 2018/19 and yet that age group accounts for only 10% of our actual workforce. 92 members of the public were killed in incidents connected to work, approximately a third of which took place on railways. Mesothelioma, an incurable disease caused by historical exposure to asbestos, remains a killer of thousands every year; 2,523 in 2017. The Chair of the HSE Martin Temple said this: “These statistics also remind us that, in certain sectors of the economy, workplace death remain worryingly high. Agriculture, forestry and fishing accounts for a small fraction of the workforce of Great Britain, yet accounted for over 20 per cent of worker fatalities in the last year. This is unacceptable and more must be done to prevent such fatalities taking place.  Whatever the sector, we should remember that any change in numbers provides little comfort to the family, friends and colleagues of the 147 whose lives were cut short this year while doing their job.” The sudden and unexpected death of a loved one through a fatal accident, most often on our roads or at work, is a terrible and shocking event and you must have on your side a generous and compassionate specialist to guide you through the complexities of a fatal accident claim. A close family member of the deceased can normally claim for the loss of their financial dependency and Grant Evatt has been instrumental in securing awards of damages in the most difficult of cases. He can also provide you with his expertise through the daunting process of the Inquest at the Coroners Court. You need to place your confidence in a team who knows how to win a workplace or military fatal accident claim. Alma Law are specialists.    

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